Lexapro Stories

A small sample of Lexapro stories.

“I was at my wits end. I had been trying to get off Lexapro for about 6 months. Every time I got down to the 10mg dosage I went tilt. Brain zaps, my body just ached to the point I could not function. Somehow, I found the Lexapro Recovery Method.

I just ordered the supplements you suggested, sent you an email asking how I should take them, closed my eyes and held my breath. I could not really read and follow all of the instructions on your website. To my amazement, I received an email back. Each email I received was short and concise but with my questions answered.

The Omega 3 Supreme worked very fast. Brain zaps stopped in a couple hours, I was not longer dizzy, and my body seemed to ease up a little. This was all within the first couple hours of starting the supplements.

I won’t go into the long process, it felt long at times but looking back at all of this, once I started the supplements I was not in as big of a rush anymore. They calmed me down and I could live again without the constant “Lexapro” withdrawal on my mind.

I want to share one more thing with your team. Once I was off the Lexapro I went back to your website and read every word. For the first time actually. Your name kind of hit me. Recovery is what I experienced. Not just a withdrawal but a recovery from Lexapro.

I was prescribed Lexapro initially for anxiety and I still take Neuro Day and JNK Formula daily to keep the anxiety at bay. It works. I have never had anything in my life that should be making me anxious. It would just start out of the blue. Not a full blown panic attack but close enough. The anxiety like that never happens anymore.

I can’t thank you enough.” Tina T. Georgia

“I had been taking Lexapro for over ten years and it was time to get off the drug. My doctor told me I could just cut my dosage in half for two weeks and then stop the Lexapro. Boy was he wrong.

A flood of side effects started. I even began to gain weight, which had never happened to me before. Same diet I’ve had for years and several long walks each week.

Doing an internet search, I found your website and decided to try your approach. The first thing I did was go to a local store and buy some omega 3 fish oil to see if it would help with all of my head symptoms. To my astonishment, it not only helped but helped within a few hours.

I had already gone back on the half dosage of Lexapro for some relief but found I needed to go back to the original dosage of the Lexapro. That helped quite a bit, except for the weight gain.

The day my supplements arrived I was a little nervous. I must admit. I didn’t want to make things worse than they had been. But you were my last hope.

I waited until the next morning to start the supplements. Only a mild change for me on the first day and I was so glad to see I did not have some wild reaction to the supplements. I knew they must be strong if they can help with Lexapro withdrawal.

I kept good notes throughout this process as you suggested noted at the end of day three, I had a marked improvement with how I felt physically and mentally. I had some hope

. After one full week on the supplements, I felt ready to try and taper the Lexapro again. I got with my pharmacist for help with reducing the Lexapro slower this time. I used a pill slicer and was able to reduce at a much more gradual amount this time around.

The first three reductions went easily. No withdrawal at all.

The fourth reduction I felt the head symptoms start to come back again and when that happened, I took two additional Omega 3 Supreme in the afternoon and within an hour all head symptoms were gone. Since that reduction, I now take two Omega 3 Supreme in the morning and two more in the afternoon for the next 4 days after reducing the Lexapro. Works great doing it that way.

This is getting long so I am going to jump to the conclusion. I have been off Lexapro for 45 days now. The taper went excellent. Just like you said it should. Thinking back on it the best approach was to do this slowly. With how I felt coming off the Lexapro the first time, it was an easy decision to do it slowly this time. I wanted nothing to do with those side effects again.

I added your suggestion for losing the Lexapro weight and happy to say I have now lost fifteen of those extra pounds. Ten more to go.

Thank you so much.” Jill N.J.

“I was like most of the reviews on your website. Cautiously optimistic and sick from the Lexapro withdrawal. I have my life back now and my husband and children have a wife and a mother again. Thank you!” Betty KS.

“I started taking Lexapro in 2008, after my son was in a near fatal car accident. I could not deal with it at all. Between the anxiety and the depression, I was feeling I had to do something in order to keep working.

After a year of surgeries my son fully recovered, and he was completely back again. I never gave Lexapro much thought after that. I just took it every day and refiled my prescription without much thought. During my annual checkup my doctor told me it was time to get off the Lexapro. I was now borderline diabetic and my doctor said I likely have a metabolic disorder that could be associated with taking Lexapro for such a long time.

My doc told me we’d be doing a slow and gradual taper of the Lexapro and I may have a few flu-like symptoms along the way. I wish he would have told me those flu-like symptoms would be like I had the absolute worst flu of my life. I was a complete basket case mentally and physically.

My doctor told me about your website. He’d been doing some research on withdrawal from antidepressants and read through the site and it made some sense to him. That’s how I got here.

I went back up to the last dosage of Lexapro I was doing fine with and most of the withdrawal symptoms left me. That was a relief. I stayed at that dosage for the next month before I could summon the courage to reduce the Lexapro again.

I had been taking your supplements for 3 weeks before I tried the taper again. I can’t say they made me feel better, but they might have. It was either them or just going back up on the Lexapro again.

Over the next 90 days I reduced the Lexapro a little every 2 weeks. No crushing withdrawal and if I felt any withdrawal I did not know if it was withdrawal or just having a normal day. I’m 60 now and I do have some body aches that are normal.

I’m now off Lexapro for 2 months. All is well and I can actually laugh again. Even laugh at the first withdrawal attempt.

Thank you.” Ted TX.

“I have taken Lexapro as needed for the last 5 years. I could always just stop the Lexapro when I wanted and no real issue. That is, until the last time I stopped it abruptly. The flu symptoms were mild but when the brain zaps started happening, I was wondering what was going on with me. I thought I needed a brain MRI done.

Once I realized this was from Lexapro I went back on the drug. It was as though some switch went off and all kinds of side effects began happening to me. Again, at first, I did not think this could be from the Lexapro but after all my medical test came back negative, it was all that was left. I was even gaining weight and I never gained weight on Lexapro before. My clothes no longer fit, and I was getting a bit of a sag under my chin.

I was now a complete mess. Making mistakes at work that I never made before, my family was understanding but I could see in their faces that I was not the same person I had always been.

Finally, a co-worker had the courage to talk with me. I did a full download of my situation and to my surprise I received back the warmest smile and then a hug. She told me she had been through nearly the same thing with Lexapro, and all would be fine.

She gave me the website of The Road Back. I read every word on that site and reread it again. This was a life saver. I followed their program to the letter and the positive changes in me were dramatic and fast.

I'm back to my good self!"

Tammy Scottsdale, AZ

“Over the last 10 years I slowly put on 80 pounds. It wasn’t until a year on Lexapro that I concluded it must be the Lexapro causing the weight gain. At first, my doctor said it could not be from Lexapro but eventually she agreed that it must be. My diet had not changed, and I always got some form of exercise.

I didn’t want to quit taking Lexapro, it worked well for my anxiety and slight depression. My doctor didn’t want me to stop taking it. Especially since I had tried other medications in the past and none seemed to really work for me.

I was surfing the Internet reading stories about Lexapro weight gain, trying to find something other people were doing to lose the weight gain. Dead end really. I printed the information on your website and took it to my doctor. She researched your claims and told me there might be something to this. Your gene theory she felt was correct.

Here is what I experienced – At the end of 1 month I had not lost any weight. I did not gain a pound but had not lost any either. I’d say I felt a bit better though. Sometime during month 2 I lost 5 pounds out of the blue. This gave me some hope.

During month 3 I had to go to a smaller dress and jean size. I could not believe it. Not only did this give me more hope but I improved my diet more and put a little more time into exercising. It was like you wrote on your website. At some point diet and exercise can work, just like with people not on Lexapro.

Here I am 7 months later. Two sizes to go to be back to my pre Lexapro size. My doctor is amazed and she now refers other patients to your website. It is not just the appearance I was concerned with; it was my health. I want to watch my grandkids grow up and enjoy them as fully as I can.

Bless you.” Brenda South Dakota

"Extreme flu-like symptoms when beginning to take Lexapro. Had to be bumped up twice because it didn't seem to be working. Ended up getting an additional drug prescribed to help. Now trying to "detox" my body from Lexapro and I feel like I got run over by a truck. Muscle soreness, can't lift head, headache, flu-like symptoms, increased tiredness and super increased sweating. Like menopause hot flashes. I tried once before to get off of Lexapro and decided to forego the side effects of getting off the drug because I couldn't handle it, but now I am going to do my best."

"My symptoms, lack of libido, not being able to climax, bruising, forgetfulness, and "brain zaps" My doctor told me there was no significant side effects. I told the doctor that I wanted to get off the medication but he did not recommend it. (I initially started on Effexor after the birth of my second child. I did have more side effects on the Effexor and was switched to Lexapro.) Not until, after seeing a Tom Cruise interview, did I realize the dangers of this drug. I decided to wean myself off these drugs but am having horrible withdrawal symptoms. Unbelievable dizzy spells, brain zaps and nausea. My doctor told me there are no side effects to getting off these drugs and basically told me I had an inner ear infection. I researched "stopping Lexapro" on the web and read many similar stories. I am now starting a program to help me get off Lexapro safely. This program helps you get off these drugs with little or no side effects. I encourage others to do the same."

"After reading the above I am angry. I, too, have been on 5 different drugs over a 7 year period for depression. I am an intelligent, successful full time working mom with 2 small boys, a husband and a mortgage. How can I deal my whole life with headaches, insomnia, dizziness, inability to remember things, and panic? The makers of Lexapro should be jailed for

the garbage they put on their web site about side effects "no clinically important weight gain reported" What's clinically important for them -- 100 lbs?" "Very difficult to achieve climax, dizziness, much increase of panic disorder which had been under control for years. Couldn't get back to sleep if awakened during the night. Decreased sex drive (I'm female)"

"I have been using Lexapro for about a year I exercise regularly and watch my diet, I have gained 15lbs and can't figure out why after reading the side effects of Lexapro I do believe it is from that, I am going to taper off this drug and try natural remedies."

"On just 5mg. I am sleepy and very tired. The back of my neck hurts and usually turns into a headache."

"I was given Lexapro by my doctor because it was to have very few side effects. Well, I took the first dose and had flu like symptoms. The second day I continued to have flu like symptoms, and also ended up with a migraine. I was put on this because of depression, but as I write this I can honestly tell you this is my third day, and I will never, never use this med. again!!!!!"

"I just took Lexapro for the first time about 7 hours ago. I am experiencing nausea, dizziness, decreased sex drive, and I keep grinding my teeth. I have been shaky and unable to focus on anything. Typing this statement took me nearly 10 minutes. I'm my opinion this drug should not be legal."

"My son (17) was just prescribed this medication after the Celexa had stopped working so well for him. He has had tremendous mood swings and violent outrages, he gets very angry very easily. I have taken him off this medication after 3 days due to all this plus other side effects. There has to be something out there to help him, I just don't know what it may be. His treatment is for borderline severe depression, due to loss of grandparents and father (divorced and not much contact). Thank you for this page it has helped me make my decision for my son."

"I have been taking Lexapro for 8 weeks now, first 10 mg/day and for the past 3 weeks I have been taking 20 mg a day. I don't know which of these side effects are a result of Lexapro, but my blood pressure has risen to ungodly levels, such as 220/120 and 202/120. I also have severe insomnia (but I have that from PTSD too) and am terribly fatigued much of the time. I don't cry as much, though, and am not as irritable as I was. I am getting headaches, though, and feel dizzy. I am not sure this medicine is good for me."

"I honestly didn't realize that there were so many side effects associated with this drug. I'm a female who has been on Lexapro for about a year now. My psychiatrist recommended the drug, saying that it had minimal side effects and would NOT cause me to gain weight. Since being on the drug, I've gained 20 pounds. I'm worse off now than I was before the drug. I've recently tried to stop taking it, and have been without it for a week...and the last week has been extremely unpleasant. Headaches, nausea, chills, tremors...it's horrible."

"I've been taking Lexapro for 6 months now and trying to get off it for 2 months. I have to start taking it again because horrible dizziness and vomiting from being dizzy. This medicine has disabled me."

"I have been on Lexapro for almost a month. The side effects are horrible. I can't think clearly, I feel like I am unable to carry on conversations. I have no appetite. I feel my mind has slipped. This is a terrible drug."

"I was prescribed Lexapro for Bipolar and depression. I have been on it for the last 10 months since then I have gained 30lbs. I am more depressed now than before because of the weight gain. I have also experienced drowsiness and fatigue. I am going to try and get my Dr. to take me off and deal with this disorder differently. I am on 20mg. I'm done!"

"So far I've been taking Lexapro for about a month now and I seem to get irritated a lot and the other day I had to go to the hospital because I punched my hand through the glass."

"I can't seem to remember things. I'm in class and I can't retain hardly anything."

"I have been taking Lexapro for several months now. Not until reading the side effects of others did i become aware of the side effects that I have. I have gained 20 lbs, my memory or should I say what memory??? My sex life with my boyfriend has become non-existent. I have no motivation to do anything. I would like to thank this website for some insight and I will be making an appt. with my doctor tomorrow."

"I have been on Lexapro for 3 weeks. I was on Effexor (for 2 weeks until I was warned about its awful side effects). I feel better (less anxiety), however I have the following side effects with Lexapro: sweating, stomach pain, chest pain, arm and hand pains, nightmares, and strong headaches."

"TRUST me do not let your doctor talk you in to talking LEXAPRO! Guys try getting it up at night! all the VIAGRA in the world will not even help!!!"

"I have been on Lexapro for almost a month. The side effects are horrible. I can't think clearly, I feel like I am unable to carry on conversations. I have no appetite. I feel my mind has slipped. This is a terrible drug."

"I was given samples of 10mg. Lexapro tabs to help with anxiety associated with menopause. After the first dose I felt like I had taken speed. My blood pressure was off the charts, my head ached, my heart was pounding and my mouth was dry down to my stomach. I couldn't eat. It took over 24 hours for the effects to wear off. Never again."

"I was prescribed Lexapro after my therapist claimed I have BPD. I only took the 10 MG tablet ONCE and these were what happened: I felt like I was tripping on acid, I could barely breathe, I went from depressed to extremely agitated in a very short time, I went from really tired after taking it to extremely awake, I didn't dream at all that night, I was still feeling funky the next day, and people claim it isn't until weeks into treatment you finally see side affects-HAH! I will never take this drug again-and I switched therapists!"

"Lexapro caused me vivid dreams, profuse sweating, leg muscle cramps, severe wrist and hand pain, arthritic type pain in most all joints - hate it."

"My doctor gave me a few weeks worth to try. I gained weight, then more weight, then more. I put on 14 pounds in two weeks!!! I also felt as though it did not relieve my feelings of anxiety."

"I requested Lexapro to my doctor as a means of dealing with symptoms associated with a disk hernia, work related stress and anxiety I am experiencing in relation to these two issues. I have experienced increased fatigue, anxiety, head and neck pain, sinus pain, dry skin, itching, confusion, increased sweating (especially at night) with at the same time as having the chills, nausea and a feeling of the need to vomit, frequent urination, body aches, painful joints and popping/cracking joints as well as a whole host of less bothersome side affects. I've found that I have increased appetite, lethargy and constant, energy draining feverish symptom that never seems to go away. This winter I used the medication for a couple of months or so but did not seems to experience all the side affects that I have this summer. It seems to me that heat and/or sun causes more adverse reaction for me. I feel so worn down with this drug. It just seems to exacerbate my original problems!

I am more depressed, more anxious, more agitated and irritable and more uncomfortable than I was before beginning taking the product. I would be cautious using Lexapro and advise my physician immediately if or when you have any serious side effects that are particularly bothersome for you. I think I'm going to try something else or seeks some sort of alternative treatments. I am extremely uncomfortable taking it."

"I was prescribed Lexapro for anxiety and mild depression. I didn't notice any side effects at first. I was told by the pharmacist that there weren't really any. I have been on Lexapro now for about 6 months. I have gained about 15-20 pounds in that time. That is why I came online looking to see if this was possibly due to the medicine. I only take 10 mg a day, but I am still eating about the same as I did before. Yes, it is very frustrating. After reading some of the postings on this website, I think I am having some other side effects that I didn't even realize. I am tired a lot. I don't have a lot of energy. I think it is time to see the doctor again." "4 weeks ago my doctor increased my dosage of Lexapro to 20 mg. from l5 mg. In the last week I have experienced fluctuation in blood pressure, my usual pressure is l00/60 and the pressure about an hour or less upon awakening in a.m. was reading 88/59, one day in the afternoon it was 77/49. My internal med doctor is suggesting I lower the meds to l5 mg. and see if these readings improve, I also have constipation, nausea, gastrointestinal discomfort, burping, etc. I am getting palpitations, headaches."