How to Reduce 20mg Lexapro Dosage

You most likely take Lexapro at a 5mg, 10mg or 20mg dosage. The reduction of Lexapro should be as close to 10 percent as you can manage.

You will need to use a pill slicer with this method. You should also get (2) pill containers to put your new Lexapro tablets into.

Lexapro 20mg reduction by 10 percent

Take (1) 10mg tablet (1) 5mg tablet and cut another 5mg tablet in half and take one of the halves as well.

This will get you close enough to the 10 percent reduction.

Stay at this level for 2 weeks. If all is fine, then reduce by another 10 percent. To reduce by 10 percent:

Take (1) 10mg tablet and (1) 5mg tablet.

Stay at this 15mg amount for the next 2 weeks and if all is fine reduce as close to 10 percent as you can again. To do that take:

(1) 10mg tablet and cut a 5mg tablet in half and take one of the halves.

Remain at this level for 2 weeks and if all is ok, then reduce by another 10 percent. To do that:

Take (1) 10mg tablet for the next 2 weeks.

If all is fine after 2 weeks, then reduce again as close to 10 percent as possible.

Take (1) 5mg tablet of Lexapro and take half of another 5mg tablet. Cut one of the 5mg tablets in half to achieve this.

If all is ok after 2 full weeks of taking Lexapro in this manner, then reduce by 10 percent again. To do this:

Take 5mg tablet daily for the next 2 weeks. No need to cut a tablet.

If all is ok after 2 weeks at the 5mg a day, then reduce the Lexapro again.

Use (1) of the 5mg tablets and cut it in half and take the half every day for the next 2 weeks.

If you are doing very well at this stage, it is ok to not take Lexapro any longer. If this last taper step has you feeling anxious at all you still have several of the ½ pieces of the 5mg tablets you could take for another couple of weeks.

There is should not be any real Lexapro withdrawal side effects happening using this taper approach.

The most common Lexapro withdrawal side effect you may experience is brain zaps. We suggest you take Omega 3 Supreme during the Lexapro taper to eliminate brain zaps before they can even begin.

The other Lexapro withdrawal symptoms you may experience are flu like symptoms. These should be very mild. If you would rather avoid these then we suggest you take Neuro day, Neuro Night and JNK Formula during the taper process. Click here for the package of supplements.


Do your best to take the Lexapro at the same time every day.

During this taper process you may want to start reducing the Lexapro every week instead of every 2 weeks. Do not do that. Slow and steady wins this race.

If at any time during this Lexapro taper you start feeling side effects that are too strong to continue; immediately go back up to the last dosage you were feeling fine at and remain there until you are very stable again. If you have not started the supplements we recommend to take during the Lexapro taper, you should probably do that at this point. Once you start the supplements, take them for 1 full week and then proceed with the Lexapro taper.Click here for how to take the supplements.