How to Stop Lexapro Brain Zaps

Omega 3 fish oil is the only thing that stops Lexapro brain zaps or brain zaps from any antidepressant.

In most cases, the Lexapro brain zaps only begin when reducing the Lexapro. It is extremely rare for brain zaps to start when increasing the Lexapro dosage. You most likely did an internet search about Lexapro brain zaps because you are already reducing the Lexapro and brain zaps started. With this in mind we, will address this scenario first. Immediately, go to any store that sells supplements and look for a bottle of omega 3 fish oil that has the highest amount of EPA in each serving. Fish oil is made of two parts, EPA and DHA. It is the EPA in fish oil that will help, not the DHA.

Look at the back of the bottle and read the supplement label. Try and find a bottle that has at least 400mg of EPA in 2 soft gels.

You will likely need to take 2,000mg of the EPA to get relief. This could mean taking as many as 4 or 5 softgels at once. If you can’t find an omega 3 fish oil with 400 mg of EPA pick up the highest EPA bottle you can find.

In 2003, the first-person using omega 3 fish oil for brain zaps could only find a very cheap omega 3 and had to take 12 soft gels at once. The good news is that the brain zaps should subside within an hour.

Don’t reduce the Lexapro further at this point.

Ideally, go back up to the last dosage of Lexapro you were taking, when you did not have brain zaps, and remain there for the time being. If brain zaps were the only withdrawal side effect you experienced, get at least 4 bottles Omega 3 Supreme so you do not run out unexpectedly.

Using the Omega 3 Supreme, you should only need 1 soft gel in the morning and 1 in the early afternoon to stop the brain zaps from returning when you continue with the Lexapro withdrawal.

The next time you reduce the Lexapro if a brain zap starts, take an extra Omega 3 Supreme and the next day you should only need the 2 in a day again.

As you continue with the Lexapro withdrawal, if a brain zap tends to still start the day or day after you reduce the Lexapro, start taking 2 Omega 3 Supreme in the morning and afternoon the day before you reduce the Lexapro. Then one day after the Lexapro reduction, go back to the 1 soft gel in the morning and 1 in the early afternoon.

If you have not started reducing Lexapro yet or have gone back to the last dosage of Lexapro to stop the withdrawal side effects

Do not reduce the Lexapro until you have the Omega 3 Supreme. Get at least 4 bottles and when they arrive start taking 1 soft gel in the morning and 1 in the early afternoon. Keep taking the Omega 3 Supreme for 45 days after the last dosage of the Lexapro. That approach should do it.

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